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The Accadia winery was born in 1983.


At the end of the 70s, Angelo Accadia and his wife Maria decided to leave the city and move to the heart of the Marche region, in one of the areas most suited to wine production.

It is in the municipality of Serra San Quirico, among green hills drawn by oak woods, vineyards and olive groves, that they find inspiration to build a life project that has been going on for more than 40 years. 


A silent and attentive winemaker, over time Angelo has created a sustainable environment and a system rich in biodiversity.

Its wines tell of a generous land in the foothills, influenced by sea currents and proximity to the mountains.


Today Evelyn represents the second generation.

The family business has continued since 2015, adding to the existing production a new line that reinterprets ancient winemaking techniques in a modern key.

Consono Verdicchio Di Castello di Jesi


Wine made from the harvest of Verdicchio grapes. Straw yellow color with greenish highlights, scents reminiscent of fresh flowers and white fruits. The taste is fresh, dry and with the characteristic slightly bitter finish, typical of the Verdicchio.



Wine made from Sangiovese e Lacrima grapes, carefully selected and picked by hand. A brilliant soft pink color with orange hues, the nose gives fresh floral and fruity notes, especially of roses and strawberries. The taste is fresh, with a good acidity and long finish. Limited production

Evelyn Verdicchio Macerato


Fermentation takes place on the skins for 30/40 days, followed by the aging on the lees for about 12 months. The colour is marked, the aroma is persistent and rich thanks to the aromatic substances extracted. On the palate it is well balanced, with a full and smooth taste. Limited production

Kèrmes Rosso


Kèrmes (or kermes) is an intense red pigment, a dye obtained in a completely natural way. Our Kérmes was born with the same philosophy, a product of nature, obtained from our best red grapes.

InFermento Pet Nat


InFermento is a natural sparkling wine produced in the "Ancestral Method" using a filed blend of indigenous grapes and left on the lees to contribute to its complexity. Unfiltered.