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Welcome to fomoowa!

We are dedicated to bringing you small-production runs of natural and traditionally made wines, direct from local European producers, to your doorstep.

Our name "fomoowa"stands for "fear of missing out on wine and alcohol," and we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you imbibe wine.

Our Approach

Unique and first-of-its-kind

Our unique and first-of-its-kind approach offers our consumers small batch, hand-picked European wines from local farmers, until they are sold out. We want you to experience and enjoy phenomenal wines, just as if you were transported to the actual village or town in which they were crafted.

Once a vintage is sold out, we update our portfolio with new wines from our family of winemakers, ensuring a constantly evolving selection of high-quality wines. Each wine tells a story of its origin, and our website proudly displays the producers to help you curate your own collection of unique and exceptional wines.

So, whether you say Cheers, Saluti, Sante, Salud, etc. Fomoowa invites you, to join us on a journey of discovery, and indulge in a glass of exquisite wine.