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Pinot Noir F


Pinot Noir from our plot of Grand Cru Furstentum. Aged for 24 months in old Burgundy barrels. Wine with spicy aromas, leather, tobacco, forest floor, black cherry, magnificent tannins, powerful. A wine for keeping.

Pinot Noir Letzenberg


A racy and complex Pinot Noir with a sunny side. Crisp red fruits, silky tannins and spicy notes make this wine intense and fresh and above all, extremely delicious!

Pinot Noir Cuvée Marius


The first pleasure of this wine comes from its bright and brilliant ruby color. On the nose, a very marked pinotage which propels us into Burgundy. The attack is classy, with finesse and complexity, enhanced by a few spices. Without hesitation, this is an absolutely gigantic Pinot Noir!