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Biodynamic wine is produced using a farming and winemaking philosophy that integrates ecological, spiritual, and cosmic principles. It is an extension of organic farming with a focus on sustainability, biodiversity, and the use of unique preparations to enhance the vitality of the vineyard. Biodynamic wines are sought after by consumers who value environmentally conscious and holistic agricultural practices.

Dagamò Amphora Red


Through this wine we try to express all the potential of Barbera. We use 8hl terracotta amphorae in which we let Barbera and its skins steep for about 3-4 months after the fermentation process. The long maceration and the amphora give the wine elegance, longevity and minerals. This technique allows the natural transformation between grapes and wine, respecting the variety,...

Kalkstein Blaufränkisch


excellent value, juicy red wine well worth a place in your fridge for weekday dinners! Perfect with most foods and drinkable by itself too - this is great value bottle.

Kieselstein Zweigelt


Very similar to the entry level Puszta Libre. Blackcurrant, vanilla, baked apple and an acidic twang on the finish. Super fresh and juicy. We love this served chilled.

Puszta Libre


This is a Beaujolais-style Austrian red made using Zweigelt and Sankt Laurent from master producer Claus Preisinger, which you should definitely drink chilled! So easy going you can glug it down from the bottle... and sometimes we do! So smooth. So juicy. Fruity with a touch more minerality, whilst still being fantastic glouglou. Puszta Libre 2022 has really exceptional value!

Pinot Noir Letzenberg


A racy and complex Pinot Noir with a sunny side. Crisp red fruits, silky tannins and spicy notes make this wine intense and fresh and above all, extremely delicious!

Pinot Noir Cuvée Marius


The first pleasure of this wine comes from its bright and brilliant ruby color. On the nose, a very marked pinotage which propels us into Burgundy. The attack is classy, with finesse and complexity, enhanced by a few spices. Without hesitation, this is an absolutely gigantic Pinot Noir!