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Our Story

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

A provenance of the most bizarre, I from the vice-presidency of a social cooperative where I began to work, as a volunteer, since I was 17, my husband Gabriele from the family business where heels are produced. Here he brought us the story of our family tree. Gabriele's father and grandfather worked here as sharecroppers for many years: during the winter carpenters, during the summer, as owners of various agricultural vehicles, they worked the land by piecework, the one that most used their services was this: the Ca' de co' (the house above), as it was historically called. Here there was already then, in the first post-war period, a vineyard. Gabriele's father, Carlo Monti, was only 10 years old when he had to leave elementary school to help his father Giuseppe in 1952. From this framework, 16 years ago, in 2005, this adventure starts that comes at a time of total stability, we were not looking for changes, or at least not consciously. Ca' de co' goes up for sale, my husband and I looked at each other and thought it was dignified for our story to close that circle, for us and for our children. We bought it without even understanding how much this action would change our lives. Initially we thought we would spend some time there, a weekend every now and then. When we walked in here there was nothing. The farmer who sold it a few years earlier had explanted everything to obtain state incentives, my husband then began a slow investigation with all the elders in the area, all repeated the same: vineyard, albana and barbera. So we proposed them again, Albana and Barbera, the first, vinified dry, for every day, the second for the feast, after mass: this is how we had been taught. Thanks to biodynamics, Gabriele felt recognized and respected for his love for the land while I found in this the love for others that had always centered my life. This is how the company was born.

And now I know that you have to raise the sails and take the winds of destiny, wherever they push the boat.

It was tough. Especially since the first year, 2014, the year of the difficult transition to this activity, a hailstorm completely destroyed us. We didn't harvest anything, but we understood how necessary it was to accept the idea that, no matter how hard we try, we are a piece of something much bigger than ourselves, and for this reason it is wise to abandon any illusion of control. An important and healthy teaching... The growth of our project and of ourselves is constantly moving and every day we try to cultivate the earth, the stars, the dreams and the sky to improve the fertility of the earth and the well-being of those who live there!

Only if we start from our roots will we find the strength to fly

After a few years, unfortunately, those same historic vineyards were uprooted by the landowner and the whole company was cultivated with permanent lawn. Only a few years ago Gabriele and I managed to buy those lands and after a historical research with the local elders, we restored the native vines of the territory. Albana was in fact the wine of everyday life drunk dry at lunch during work breaks in the countryside while Barbera was the wine of Sunday and lunch on the feast day after Holy Mass.

As soon as we bought the land, we decided to immediately embrace the biodynamic philosophy and start with these two native vines. Together with Adriano Zago, our oenologist and agronomist, we then added from year to year the ancient fruit trees, the vegetable garden, the medicinal herbs, the ancient grains and other native varieties of the Apennines such as Montuni, Pignoletto and Lionza. The orientation from the outset has been to arrive at a diversified and self-sufficient agricultural organism. The growth of our project and of ourselves is constantly moving and every day we try to cultivate the land and ideas to improve the fertility of the earth and the well-being of those who live there.