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Etna Bianco


This lovely, bright volcanic white comes from a family that has owned vineyards and made wine on Etna since 1860. The vines, aged around 30 years old, come from some of the best terroirs on the volcano: the North Slope of Mount Etna, in the Zottorinoto and Puntale Palino contrada of Solicchiata, a hamlet of Castiglione di Sicilia, at 950...

Coste A Preola Nero D'avola


Bright ruby red color with violet reflections. Good complexity on the nose, with a pleasant spicy note, hints of black cherry and wild berries. Rich, intense, soft, and with well-balanced tannins on the palate, with excellent persistence.

Nero d'Avola Modus Bibendi


Many people call it the “KING” of Sicilian vines, probably because it is the most common red grape variety in Sicily, or perhaps because over the years it has built up its dominant position based on its alcoholic “strength”, its “power” of concentration and “greatness” of its body.

Katama Cerato Catarratto


Deep orange in color with a fresh taste that is also dense and structured. Hints of mature fruit and spices are a great combination with seasoned cheese and mediterranean cuisine! Drinkable now but also has a very long aging potential!

Coste A Preola Grillo


Straw, bright yellow with greenish reflections. The nose is elegant, intense, with distinct and complex varietal notes of passion fruit, mint, pineapple and white peach. On the palate it has an excellent balance, is medium-bodied, rich and fragrant with a lively acidity and a good persistence.

Terre Siciliane Alfarà Skin Contact


Lemon juicy, unripe peaches, and dried flowers form the background of this salty & fresh orange wine. Made with 100% organically grown Catarratto grapes, this wine undergoes seven days of maceration, giving it texture and beautiful color.

Modus Bibendi Grillo


A fantastic interpretation of Grillo, a grape variety that the guys wanted to focus on right from the start. A wine with a strong personality, with a distinct identity.

Glou Glou Rosso


Glou Glou came about from our desire to drink a red wine even in summer, a red wine that is easy to drink as opposed to barrel-aged wines or wines with a significant alcohol and tannin content.

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