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Gaetano was born into a family that has been cultivating the land for three

generations. “For passion and not only for family tradition, I let himself be seduced

by the charm of the earth since I was a child, maybe because my mother nursed me

while she was harvesting.


After visiting the producing areas of the best wines in the world, from Champagne to Burgundy via the Loire to Bordeaux etc... and not least, visited our best Italian winegrowing areas and after having done a careful pedoclimatic study, I discovered  that in the Corleonese there is a unique territory for agricultural production but above

all for the wine!


The vineyards I cultivate are located at 750 meters above sea level. on affected soils

from the conjunction of two types of limestone... The glauconitic calcarenites of Corleone, geologically defined as such because they are found only in this territory and the limestones of the queen of western Sicily Rocca Busambra, so called because the highest peak of the Sicani Mountains, formed by nodular limestones with ammonites. Gaetano produced his first vintage of LU in 2019 and his first vintage of Animoso Corleaonse in 2021.