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Gorghi Tondi would never have been born without the love for nature of Dora, our great-grandmother" - tell Annamaria and Clara Sala, now at the helm of the family business - "A love for grapes and for the land which, for a century afterwards, it continues to feed and excite us too.

It is the strong link with the territory, in particular the Upper, Middle and Lower "whirlpools", the heart of an oasis as wild as it is harmonious, that also gave birth to the company's name. A naturalistic oasis, protected by the WWF since 1998, that of Lake Preola and Gorghi Tondi , which contains a treasure of volatile and aquatic species and a suggestively rare flora.

Here, in peculiar and often unrepeatable environmental conditions, an extraordinary wine is born in the wine scene of Sicily, the Grillodoro .

Heritage of the company since the beginning, it is a passito wine obtained from a late harvest of overripe grapes, attacked by Botrytis Cinerea, the so-called noble rot, which forms spontaneously in the vineyard overlooking the sea.


Coste A Preola Nero D'avola


Bright ruby red color with violet reflections. Good complexity on the nose, with a pleasant spicy note, hints of black cherry and wild berries. Rich, intense, soft, and with well-balanced tannins on the palate, with excellent persistence.

Coste A Preola Grillo


Straw, bright yellow with greenish reflections. The nose is elegant, intense, with distinct and complex varietal notes of passion fruit, mint, pineapple and white peach. On the palate it has an excellent balance, is medium-bodied, rich and fragrant with a lively acidity and a good persistence.

Dumé Frappato


Light ruby red color with violet reflections. Intense, with fruity notes of blackberry, raspberry and pomegranate, quite complex and fragrant. On the palate it is fresh, with a good structure, on the palate it is velvety and juicy.