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My family has lived in Bolgheri since 1950. Born and raised here, I have developed a very close relationship with this land over time. In 2008, after graduating in viticulture and oenology, I decided to convert the family business focused on agriculture mixed with viticulture, with the aim of producing wines that are inspired by Bolgheri excellence, but which express my identity and that of the lands we have always cultivated.

Being a winemaker has become a philosophy of life.

My vision is to be able to merge in each bottle the two factors that distinguish the winemaker: on the one hand the technical aspect, rationality, the close link with the territory and respect for the surrounding environment, on the other hand the creativity, the interpretation of the vintage and its unpredictability which sometimes leads to innovation rather than maintenance.

Being a small business, I am able to personally follow every step, from the vineyard to the cellar, supported by a young and close-knit team. A familiar and modern environment that allows us to carry out artisanal work always seeking quality and sustainability.
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