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Galognano is a place rich in history, named after Lombard origin. The same cellar, of the farm "La Foresta", is one of the oldest structures still standing, dating back to the Early Middle Ages. Certainly of significant interest is the discovery of chalices of Gothic origin, of the sixth century AD, and preserved by the National Art Gallery of Siena, in Colle di Val d'Elsa, as "Treasure of Galognano".

The Villa of Galognano, on the other hand, was for a period owned by the "Della Rena" family, noble Florentines. The blazon in fact on the chapel adjacent to the Villa, is attributable to this family, where it also appears in the version combined with the heraldry of the Quaratesi, due to a marriage between the two families between Orazio della Rena and Margherita Quaratesi. Orazio della Rena (1564-1630) spent his youth and old age there. The Galognano estate was purchased around 1930 by great-grandfather Valente Ciappelli, a cloth merchant, who treasured the company's vineyards and dedicated himself to the production and marketing of Chianti wine.

Today Galognano is owned by sisters Erika and Iris Ciappelli. The winery, handed down from father to son, is carried on by Erika, who with great passion and dedication produces wines personally taking care of all phases of the production cycle.